Director Message

The pursuit of knowledge and understanding has constantly propelled our journey  towards self- betterment and the betterment of the humanity. While embarking on this pursuit, one should constantly strive to develop knowledge and understanding of other disciplines, other cultures, other times and of course oneself. One of the important missions of  SMIT is to nurture the culture of  seamlessness which is central to this pursuit. SMIT provides umpteen opportunities to acquire, test and share knowledge and to develop abilities to think rationally and critically in a multicultural ambiance. All our learning modules strongly rely on research based, technology driven and industry linked education. 

The academic programs in the SMIT have been designed to ensure an outstanding educational value with a wide selection of courses and flexible scheduling. Our teachers are fully aware of the tortuous path of acquiring knowledge and are ever willing to help and guide the students in their journey towards excellence. We constantly endeavor to ensure that the students, during their stay discover the excitement of learning, the importance of individual integrity and commitment to work ethics and the joy of sharing and helping while simultaneously making lifelong friendships. 

By choosing SMIT therefore, you have made an excellent choice. Your achievements as our alumni will indeed delight all of us. We welcome you in the SMIT family and wish you a rewarding career.

Dhirendra Kumar Singh